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Klop virtual organ, Maranathakerk, Ridderkerk

The organ in the Maranathakerk was built in 1996 by Fa. G.C. en H. Klop from Garderen. The organ has only wooden pipes which gives it a very special warm sound.

The disposition is produced in jOrgan 3.20 and based on the Fluidsynth soundengine. The soundfont is developed with original recorded mono samples, 16 bits, 44.100 kHz. For most ranks 6 samples per octave were used. The length of each sample is around 6 seconds. For a stereo sound image spatalization is applied in the soundfont.

Disposition and soundfont developed by Dries Nelemans and John Reimer.
You can download this virtual organ as a complete zip-package:

It is also possible to download as separate files:
Full organ description: Klop Organ Information
Latest soundfont: Klop Soundfont
Latest disposition file: Klop Disposition
Latest skin file: Klop Skin

Disposition of the organ
Hoofdwerk Borstwerk Pedaal Speelhulpen
Bourdon 16'Holtpijp 8'Subbas 16'Koppel HW-BW
Prestant 8'Gamba 8'Bourdon 8'Koppel PD-HW
Roerfluit 8'Prestant 4'Prestant 8'Koppel PD-BW
Octaaf 4'Roerfluit 4'Octaaf 4'
Spitsfluit 4'Nasard 2 2/3'Fagot 16'
Quint 3'Terts 1 3/5'Trompet 8'
Octaaf 2'Gemshoorn 2'
Cornet VSifflet 1'
Mixtuur III-IVDulciaan 8'
Trompet 8'Tremulant

Temperament:Kirnberger III
Keyboard range:C-f''' (36-89)
Pedal range:C-f' (36-65)